Entry #2

Im Back!

2013-04-08 22:06:16 by Jettyjetjet

Man Im BACK! And IM ANGRY! RRRARRR!!! this time im serious. Just wanted to put this out there you guys. For those whoe are looking to learn how to draw, or just want to enjoy some time lapse videos.

i offer a free drawing channel pls come check it out. I'll be sharing all the knowledge that i gained from an expensive art school. Haha. AAU Academy of Art s.f. I felt the school was far too over priced, and am only realizing now, of all the great resources out there. And i somewhat regret going. I learned a lot (25% of the classes taught me art the rest were to see how much money they milk out of us) but im in the hole with debt. I don't want you to make the same mistake i did, or well at least be more prepared. But If you want to learn how to draw, CHOOSE YOUTUBE, artbooks or art forums. Youll save...100k which is actually less then what the total if you go straight from high school. So, if you like my work, help a brother out and subscribe, and I WONT LET YOU DOWN! Thanks guys!

Heres the link JettyJetShow Step By Step Drawing Tutorials!


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2013-04-09 02:32:20

Everything in the Bay is overpriced, but a 100 long ones? Was that a 2 or 4 year school?

Jettyjetjet responds:

its "suppose" to be 4 years, but anyone entering out of highschool will find it really difficult to complete it in 4 years. 4 years is if you do 6 classes a semester all four years, including summer classes. Average itll take about 5 years, but realistically speaking 6 years. Luckily i spent 3 years in city college, and transferred over about 35 units, each units costing 800 dollars in art school, and only about 25 dollars in city college(2007, not as cheap anymore, its about 70per in city college now) So i ended up saving about 25 gs, also, i recieved state grants for all for 3 years, and saved about 30 thousand,from that, so im only at 60k. While the majority of my friends, who are not so lucky, straight out of highschool, are in 120k, no joke... To learn art??? And you know what the argument i hear a lot from who are in denial? It's more affordable that cal arts, which is double the price of aau. It's considered THE top art school. Anyways that's my story. Thanks for asking! Take care!


2013-04-09 03:08:11

Well, thanks for the elucidation! Information like this is important to the younger artists here.

(Updated ) Jettyjetjet responds:

np, you can do it on your own, a lot of the successful people out there in the art industry were self taught, even the ones in art school, i assure you, they do EXTRA outside learning, self training etc. So it's not always about the degree. For MANY, it's a good place to either get really lazy, or driven. Cause as a student, you look at the work and call it hw, and forget, this is YOUR Career, so you end up trying to live your life, while studying. But anyone can be great if they just get some direction, which is what i am here for. My channel will be focusing on guiding towards the right direction, what to look at at, what to study, how much study, and soon ill also post up weekly assignments people can participate in the forums, if it becomes popular enough. O an if you ever submit your work to things like cg hub or concept art.org you'll get tons! of help. They also offer helpful dvds and hold workshop for fees of 2-300 dollars. I just say, WATCH what they draw, and try to produce it. Ask around, WHAT did it take to draw that figure, or creature, or robot. etc. Gluck Vicarious!


2013-04-09 04:41:53

Welcome back! will subscribe when i get a chance :D

Jettyjetjet responds:

Thanks a lot boss ^__~


2013-04-09 06:19:16

Only in the US. :/ My four years of studying so far have given me... $5600. It's not a lot, but living at home it's enough to avoid any loans and losses. 120k is just crazy...


2013-07-08 18:26:10

oh wow didnt know you were on new grounds man :D and thanks for the tutorials they really helped me out as i am new to digital art, hope to see more from you


2013-11-19 14:52:58

Crazy, you are on Newgrounds for a long time already and I even didn't notice it. \(°o°)/
How is this possible? Thanks to Vency in the Art Portal through her I became aware of your NG account. I ashamed now, because I feel me a bit like a stalker. Following you on YouTube and Newgrounds from now on. Anyways welcome back and excuse my poor English.

Jettyjetjet responds:

You are the best SHiroi Hahahah


2013-11-20 17:41:17

I had to do the same, the food and equipment was way over priced so much so that i would have to pay 70p for 8 ounces of water in a bottle and £1.20 for a can of coke, it was hell.


2013-12-22 08:17:55

I've found you on Youtube first and then on newgrounds too^^
a funny thing: Shiroi is my first and only newgrounds fan and I know him from jazza's youtube channel and now I find out that Shiroi knows you too :D
I really like your style jet, I'm a big fan! :)

Jettyjetjet responds:

Hey thanks a lot Thunder, I truly appreciate your support. Hope you make it to our live show tommorow.


2014-05-10 18:36:43

Hey man, how's life? You get many new subs this year?